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The 2016-2017 LNTC Class


Renee Gonzalez - Cutler Orosi Unified School Dist. High School English Teacher

Stephanie Hurtado - Dinuba Community Services Recreation Supervisor

Jackson Moore - Dinuba Sentinel Reporter

The 2016-17 Class of Leadership Northern Tulare County did an awesome job at the Cinco de Mayo Festival and parade. They may have been a small group but they were mighty.  Thank you to all of the volunteers that came out to support the class and help put the event on.  It was truly a community event with helpers young and old, from schools, city, businesses, the steering committee, and service clubs.  What an awesome job they all did.


The weather was a little threatening, but overall the event was spared and no rain of measure fell during the 2 days of the festival.  The music was great, the food was plentiful and delicious, and the carnival sales exceeded past years, with one of the biggest days coming on Sunday.


We are winding down the year and looking forward to graduation on June 15th at Ridge Creek.  I hope you will join us as we congratulate this year's graduates and share about the program.  If you would like to learn more about our program, there will be students, alumnus, our steering committee, and facilitator there to answer your questions.  So come and join us, June 15, 2017, for the graduation ceremony and hear how you can benefit from LNTC and hone your leadership skills.


Download LNTC Graduation Invitation Here


Interested in the LNTC Program?

Download Program Application Here


Interested in finding out more about Leadership Northern Tulare County, call the Dinuba Chamber to get connected and learn about the LNTC experience.  Application for 2015 are available for download above.


Leadership Northern Tulare County is a program of the Dinuba Chamber of Commerce.  Participation in the program will develop  leadership skills in many areas such as:


  • Understanding leadership styles
  • Negotiating and managing conflict
  • Learning the process, programs and challenges existing within our community.
  • Participating in community and learning about Northern Tulare County organizations and how they work
  • Experiencing opportunites to confer with other emerging leaders as well as those in Dinuba and Culter-Orosi
  • Giving public presentations





The Curriculum topics may incude analyses of issues in:


  • State and Local government
  • Health careService organizations
  • Economic development
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Work on a a class project - Plan & implement Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade First Friday and Saturday in May
  • Interpersonal skills - problem solving, meeting facilitation, and public presentations





The program runs for 10 months from September through June, dates of classes below:

  • Attend the orientation session/welcoming reception on September
  • Attend the two-day team building retreat to be held on October 1
  • Attend the two-day Sacramento trip on March
  • Attend each of the day-long seminars (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on the following dates (the third Thursday except for the October retreat, and March Sacramento trip)
  • Monthly day session September through June on the third Thursday of the month except for October retreat and March Sacramento trip
  • June  (Graduation)
  • Attend each monthly evening session. Dates and times to be selected by the class.
  • Attend the graduation ceremony in June


Who Will Benefit?


  • Participants will gain a broad knowledge of the community and formal management training that will enhance personal effectiveness in the community and at work.
  • Businesses who by sponsoring a participant, will benefit fromthe employee's  increased knowledge, improved communication skills, stronger problem-solving abilities and access to decision-makers and community resources.
  • Non-Profit organizations will have access to trained effective leaders with a positive attitude toward volunteering.
  • Community at large will benfit by the development of large pool of trained, knowledgeable, potential leaders in Northern Tulare County.



Who Should Apply?


If you have...


  • Commitment to self-development
  • Desire for community involvement
  • Willingness and ability to discuss and propose solutions
  • Potential as a leader, as displayed through such things as work experience, organizational involvement, demonstrated interpersonal skills or other activitiesAbility to work effectively with people
  • Do you know of someone who should apply?
  • Individual, businesses, and community groups are also encouraged to nominate prospective participants



For applications or for more information contact:

The Dinuba Chamber of Commerce
210 North L Street, Dinuba CA 
(559) 591-2707
or email

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